Oral Surgery for Facial Implants San Diego

Deficiencies in the cheekbones, jawbone, and nasolabial complex can significantly detract from a person’s appearance. Many patients want to augment these areas in order to makes their faces look younger and better defined.

For augmentation procedures, the MVOMS surgeons prefer to use the patient’s own bone. However, in some cases, this is not feasible. For such patients, safe and effective synthetic materials can be used. The nasolabial creases and lips usually are augmented with small, soft implants that are placed deep in the tissue underlying the skin. Cheekbones can be augmented with hard implants that mimic the feel and contour of natural bone.

Before the procedure

You medical history will be thoroughly evaluated, and your face will be carefully examined in order to determine the most effective surgical approach. The examination will include a meticulous analysis of the soft tissue, along with photographs and computerized predictions of the facial contour changes to be achieved. Issues such as the shape and type of facial implants to be used and the choice of anesthesia will be thoroughly discussed.

During and after the procedure

The surgeon typically places the augmentation material through small incisions created inside the mouth. The material is secured with internal sutures or screws. Such procedures typically take from 30 to 90 minutes and most are performed under local anesthesia with IV sedation. General anesthesia is also used when necessary.

Although meticulous surgical technique is used to prevent any infection, when synthetic material is implanted, the patient is usually placed on post-surgical antibiotics as another precaution.